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South Valley (Tipon - Pikillaqta - Rumicolca - Andahuaylillas - Cusco) ½ Day


Duration: Half day
8:30 a.m. Pick up from hotel, guided tour (04) Four important places, start with the "Sistine Chapel of America", (Named for the notorious art and frescoes found) Andahuaylillas Church, located in the Town of the same name, located about 40 km (25 miles) east of the city of Cusco at an altitude of 3100 mts. (10170 feet).

A walk through the main square which is adorned with "pisonay" (coral trees) and palm trees. We continue our journey towards the Archaeological complex of Tipon located to the east of the city of Cusco, covering a territory of approximately 2200 hectares.
The original Quechua name is unknown. You can admire several royal rooms that were built by the Inca Wiraqocha as an abode and shelter for his father Yawar Wakaq . This group of villages are at an altitude of 3500 mts . ( 11480 feet). There are also a large growing space that contains 12 impressive terraces that are currently cultivated , whose walls were built with well carved . Even more impressive is the irrigation system that is still serving agriculture and the advantage is the water intake in the spring season . They have worked stones with fine channels and sometimes with almost vertical drops, everything together constitute a work of hydraulic engineering. Some sources have had ceremonial functions. Due to its location and the presence of a surrounding wall Tipon must have been a very exclusive . To the southwest of this group, almost vertical mountain area is the cemetery named as " Pitopuqyo " that today has plundered tombs . In this place there were large amounts of cultural relics , now you can find many pieces of broken ceramics .

To finish the tour visit to Pikillacta Archaeological Complex which covers an area of 3421 hectares ( 8453 acres ) and is located in the province of Quispicanchis , to the east of the city of Cusco about 32 km ( 20 miles ) . On the way you will see a wonderful view of Lake Wakarpay which is at an altitude of about 3200 mts . ( 10500 feet). " Pikillaqta " is a Quechua word meaning " lousy people " ( piki = louse ; llaqta = people ) However, that is not the original name of the area or the main site, its previous name is unknown , although many writers refer to the area under the name " Muyuna ", " Muyna " or " Mohina " . It seems that the site was called "Pikillaqta " from the last years of the colonial era or the beginning of the republic, the reason is unknown . Pikillaqta prehispanic site is located at 3350 mts. (11000 feet) and belonged to a city of Ayacucho Wari developed today.
End of tour and return to Cusco City

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